The Ultimate Solution In Organic Weed Control

Satusteam™ SW Machines

The SW700

The Steamwand SW700 is the most compact Weedtechnics product with maximum maneuvrability, making it ideal for schools and nurseries. Connect the SW700 to the tap and treat away

The SW600E

The SW600E is the most affordable, electrical, compact and manoeuvrable unit available. With up to 60m of hose from the applicator head to the machine, it can reach nearly any area.

The SW800

The Steamwand SW800 model is our affordable entry level steam weed control machine designed to deliver optiON output to one applicator head. Ideal for hand held application of steam in municipal situations such as parks, garden beds, streets and for smaller scale organic growers.

The SW900

The SW900 units have a patented delivery system and are designed to run multiple applicator heads.The SW900 is ideal for most horticultural applications such as vines, orchards and row crops, it can also be used for municipal applications.

The SW3800 KD

The Steamwand SW3800KD, the new generation units have fast heating and high volume delivery which gives you the fastest hydrothermal kill available. One can order a customised trailer perfectly fitted for the SW3800KD. The SW3800KD delivers 30L/minute and can do multiple heads totalling 280 cm width.

Satusteam™ Applicator Heads

The Handheld Applicator Heads

The Versitech applicators are general purpose hand held applicators suitable for spot weeding, controlling weeds around buildings and in hard surfaces and provide excellent weed control in parks, gardens and for organic growers.

Features include:

  • Insulated, robust, trigger operated applicator gun
  • 30m (100 ft) long high temperature hose with sheath
  • Stainless steel quick release coupling with patented siltproof action
  • Constructed from stainless steel and heat resistant mouldings

The Orchard Applicator Heads

The Orchard 120 is designed to be towed behind or beside vehicles for treating weeds along orchard plantation rows, covering a swept path width of 120 cm.
The Orchard 120 has a 6000 series aluminium chassy with puncture-proof castor wheels to maintain optimal height above ground level to maximise application speed.
The hood is fabricated of a light weight insulated aluminium sandwich material that helps retain heat. The Orchard 120 frame has a mounting point where a Rowtech 55 can be attached, to provide a means of weeding the stretch between tree trunks.

The Rowtech Applicator Heads

With automation in mind, the Rowtech applicators allow for the rapid treatment of streets, blueberries orchards, vineyards, and other horticultural operations. Standard width settings between applicator heads 180cm (6 ft) to 240cm (8 ft). Custom design also available.

The Hydra-Boom

The Hydra-boom gives you control of Rowtech 55 application from the seat of your tractor.  Height, tilt and width are all hydraulically controlled. Manual berm /slope setting provides flexibility  for vines and berry production. Breakway arms allow for close and gentle contact to pots, vines, berries and posts.

The Steam Spike Applicator Heads

The Steam Spike Set is a versatile set of applicator heads designed to deeply penetrate weeds and inject steam into them for an all-round effective kill. The set comes with several different configurations, so you can tackle everything from Broad leaf Weeds,Tufted Root Grass, and even Banana Suckers.
Localised delivery allows you to specifically target those hard to kill weeds while leaving other plants undisturbed.

Additionl Options

T250E Trailer

Includes, T250E trailer, 265-gallon water tank, inlet and
outlet hose reels, 100’ HP insulated hose, inlet water hose,
vented lance and gun, VOH 5L, VCH-35-5L. The T250E trailer has
heavy duty axle and height clearance for Agricultural use,
electric brakes and 1500kg carrying capacity.

Remote controlled auto-rewind hose reel

A remote controlled auto-rewind hose reel which does the physical work for you in rewinding the hose on to the reel. Its heavy-duty 12v DC 1/3 HP electric reel. It covers long-range (over 500 ft. range), and has pocket-sized remote, operating on 340 MHz band.

Short Skid

Our Short Skid includes one high pressure, high temperature delivery hose reel. It allows your SW unit to be easily mounted on to a vehicle or carried on fork attachments.

Tank Skid

This self contained, skid mounted unit comes with fully plumbed 1000 litre water tank, water filter, dump gate valve,  and a high pressure high temperature delivery hose reel.