Our Story


Steamweeds distribute patented applicator heads and SW (Satusteam©* Weeder) apparatus developed by Weedtechnics, Australia. Our SW range includes the SW700, SW800, SW900, SW2600 and SW3800KD.

Each apparatus instantaneously superheats water to almost 120°C and delivers it via pressure hoses in a superheated state to our applicator heads, that embody our patented nozzle system.

Our technology is superior to other thermal techniques due to the efficient heat transfer into the basal regenerative tissue of the plants, giving economical production rates and reduced costs over several growing seasons.

Our current selection of 12 applicator heads range from 50mm to 2700mm in width.  Designed for orchards, berries, vines, vegetables, herbs, banana suckers as well as for municipal cracks and crevices in paved surfaces, parks, verges and land care. Weedtechnics has the largest product range on the market worldwide.

Safe enough to drink

By eliminating the burden of the various hidden costs associated with chemical weed  control, our clients are experiencing:

  • Improved OHS standards for workers;
  • 3 times faster result than hand weeding;
  • Increased positive public relations and media exposure;
  • Dramatic improvements to compliance of state regulations; and
  • Huge administration savings as complaints have dropped with the reduction of chemical sprays.